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Objectives & Programmes

  • To bring critical awareness among the “people” on education, environment, health, gender, cultural heritage, panchayati raj, gram swaraj and ensure their participation to accelerate the development process for sustainability.
  • To organize, promote and capacitate the peoples’ organizations, like-minded NGOs and other networks for building solidarity and taking collaboration on efforts/action against anti people forces to establish alternative sustainable development.
  • To promote peoples’ knowledge and human values like love, affection, brotherhood, cooperation, mutual understanding, secularism, gender equity and fight against untouchability.


  • Lok Bikash has a well defined management structure with member based General Body at the apex.  A 7-member committee headed by the Secretary looks after the affairs. Besides, there are sub-committees formed as and when required for specific purposes. There is well-defined finance, personnel and gender policy available of the organization. 

Strategic Thrust

  • Peoples organization
  • Gender equality
  • Panchayati raj
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Food security
  • Societal peace


  • Love
  • Empathy
  • Equality
  • Participation
  • Cooperation
  • Nonviolence


Major Intervention

  • Reaserch
  • Action
  • Training


  • Women empowerment through self help
    Village Resilance programme
    Integrated development through participatory process
    Reproductive child health
    Diaster management
    Liveli hood promotion
    Forest & environment preservection
    Gram Swaraj
    Capacity building


  • Peoples organization
  • Lobby & Advocacy
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