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Project and Activities

1.  Survey & Research

a)Community profile survey

b) Micro level village plan

c) Research study on - cyclone rehabilitation & its possible biases, Training effective ness     of PRIs members, Livelihood and development

2.  Community Organisation

a) Formation & Strengthening village committees ,Health committee Forest committees,Farmers Committees,Self helf groups & their federations, Disaster management committees,Volunteers bahinis etc.

3.  Capacity Building & Empowerment

a) In-house training with expertise in  community organisaion , community health ,SHG management ,Income generation programme ,Natural resource management, Social animation, Trauma counselling, NREGA,RTI ,  PRI, Consumer protection, Participatory  strategic planning ,Disaster management.

4.  Agriculture Development & Environment promotion

a) Land development programme

b) Formation & maintenance of Agriculture support centre & Grain/ Seed bank

c) Tree plantation & Forest protection

d) Animal husbandry

e) Environment Awareness campaign

5.  Education programme

a) Total Literacy campaign

b) Adult Literacy programme

c) Management of Mid Day Meal in school

6.  Health service & Sanitation promotion

a) Establishment & maintenance of Herbal Medicine Garden .

b) Provision of safe drinking water

c) Assistance in Govt. programme

d) Health Check up  & Immunisation Camps 

 f) Health Counselling Service

g) Reproductive & Child Health programme

 h) Adolescent sensitisation camp

i) Campaign on Breast feeding

 j) Awareness on HIV/AIDS

7.  Employment generation programme

a) Business feasibility & Skill mapping

b) Business Triggering

c) Group Income generation programme

d) Individual Income generation programme

e) Interface with Financial Institution

f) Interface with Marketers

g) Business Management training

h) Trade faire & Product exhibition

8.  Disaster Management & Mitigation Programme

a) Disaster preparedness & Management programme

b) Disaster response programme

c) Rehabilitation & Restoration

d) Disaster proof house building

9.  Panchayati Raj  & Gram swaraj programme

a) Voter awareness

b) Capacity building of elected PRIs representatives

c) National campaign on gram swaraj

10.  Consumer Issues

  • Consumer awareness
  • Formation of consumers club
  • Monitoring Public Distribution System

11.  Resolving Social Issues

a) Anti liquor campaign

b) Anti dowry campaign

c) Campaign on violence against women

d)  Campaign against women trafficking

e) Campaign against untouchability, Castism etc.

12.  Lobby & Advocacy

a) Compulsory Marriage & Birth registration

b) Prevention of early marriage

c) Family counselling service for victims

d) Prevention on Domestic violence.

e) Amendment of Orissa Relief code

f) Human Rights

g) Rights of Adibasi on natural resource


  • Formation of 100 Village Development Committee and federation of the Committees
  • Formation and management of 350 WSHGs on micro-credit and social development 
  • Formation of 65 Disaster resilient CBOs with preparedness and response
  • Formation of farmers Clubs and improved agriculture practice
  • Construction of 100 disaster proof houses for Orissa Super Cyclone, 1999 victims
  • Protection of 3000 acres of forest and 100 acres of plantations
  • Restoration of social capital and creation of community assets in 10 villages.
  • Community awareness on health and sanitation promotion
  • Guiding people of 30 villages in reproductive and child health activities
  • Promotion and maintenance of herbal medicine garden
  • Maintenance of training centre for in-house staff and outside sponsored training
  • Promotion of group income generation activities for 165 groups
  • Promotion of Gram Swaraj and Gandhain Philosophy for village self-reliance in 30 villages.
  • Dealt with 65 nos of Atrocity cases.
  • Around 59 lakhs of rupees has been saved by the SHG.
  • Direct Health service rendered to 30 village.
  • 110 youth volunteers have been trained on disaster management.
  • 26 nos of farmers club has been established.
  • Strategy for next Five Years :
  • Build capacity of the community organization on participatory strategic planning.
  • Women empowerment to mainstream in development process.
  • Health promotion including Reproductive and Child health promotion programme
  • Awareness on HIV/AIDS and propagation of care and support for PLWHA
  • Disaster preparedness and disaster management activities
  • Community capacity building for natural resource management.
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