About Us


The Lok Bikash, a nonprofit voluntary organization was founded on 27th September 1990 by a group of experienced and committed social workers to serve the distressed people. It was formally registered under SRA 1860 on 25th Feb 1992 and FCRA 1976 in June 1995. At the beginning it served as a campaigner on awareness and capacity building among the people in the locality. Later, in order to fulfill its objectives, it now works for development of the marginalized and neglected people of the target area in a strategic way. It has adopted participatory strategic planning in all its activities and emphasizes on the strength and capabilities of the community to make themselves socially and economically self-sufficient. Hence the organization has concentrated on need based development approach with active community participation.


Our aspired society would be just society, free from exploitation, inequality and discrimination and based on love, affection, cooperation, Participation and brotherhood, will be eco-friendly and sustained with philosophy spirit, values and systems of Gram Swaraj.


Lok Bikash is a secular non-government non-profit making development organization  dedicated towards holistic development of deprived people of the society including women, children, dalit, adivasi emphasizing on sustainable development utilizing local resources in a participatory process with a group of committed and skilled personnel to establish a loving, equal, brotherhood and eco-friendly environment. It also gives emphasis to facilitate and propagate the ideology of Gram Swaraj by organizing and coordinating people’s organizations, likeminded NGOs and NGO networks of both state and national level.


 Long term.

  • To bring critical awareness among the people on education, environment, health, gender, cultural heritage, panchayati raj, gram swaraj and ensure their participation to accelerate the development process for sustainability.
  • To organize, promote and capacitate the peoples’ organizations, likeminded NGOs and other networks for building solidarity and taking collaboration on efforts/action against anti-people forces to establish alternative sustainable development.
  • To promoter peoples  knowledge and human values like love, affection, brotherhood, cooperation, participation, mutual understanding, secularism, gender equality and fight against in-equality and injustice.
  • To establish an eco-friendly environment through forest protection and plantation

 Short Term

  • To build houses for the poor village communities with provision of environmental and protective village services.
  • To perform comprehensive development activities such as health, sanitation and supplementary nutrition; education and vocational training rural livelihood (agricultural and industrial), leadership promotion.
  • To provide guidance and assistance to the organizations of the poor, including youth and women, established and promoted by the society or other bodies/organizations of similar objectives.
  • To conduct research and execute the programme in aspects of production and distribution relations of commodities affecting the rural poor, appropriate technologies of productions for the rural poor, appropriate management and accounting procedure for the organizations of the poor and aspects of law and policies affecting the poor.
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